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Best Semi-Inground Aluminum Pool Made in the USA

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Todays blog concerns the best semi-inground aluminum pool made in the USA.  

The Aquasport 52 can be installed as an above ground pool, a semi inground pool, or an inground pool. The strength of the Aquasport 52 wall enables installation in a wide variety of backyards.

Aquasport 52 Pool Wall

The wall is assembled one panel at a time, each panel slides into each other panel with a patented locking process. Each 4" panel is manufactured from pre-painted extruded aluminum. Every panel locks into another and creates superior strength forming a ribbed wall.  The walls will stand all on their own.  The walls will not buckle if a wind storm comes by like a rolled wall pool.  

Aquasport 52 Bottom Frame

The bottom track of this pool is extruded aluminum with prepunched holes for the hardware.  Every section of bottom track is bolted together with aluminum bottom plates and super strong Grade 5 nuts and bolts.

Aquasport 52 Top Rail

The top rail of this pool is pre-painted extruded 6" aluminum. Every toprail is bolted together with aluminum top plates and super strong Grade 5 nuts and bolts.  The patented top rails have the beaded track extruded into the profile.  The design allows you to change the liner without having to disassemble the pool.  You can build a deck around the whole pool and change the liner without messing up your deck or patio.


Aquasport 52 Sizes

All the Aquasport 52 pool models have a 52 inch wall and are available in round or oval.

Round Pool Sizes

    • 12' x 52"
    • 15' x 52"
    • 18' x 52"
    • 21' x 52"
    • 24' x 52"

Oval Pool Sizes

    • 10' x 15' x 52"
    • 10 'x 18' x 52"
    • 10' x 22' x 52"
    • 12' x 18' x 52"
    • 12' x 20' x 52"
    • 12' x 21' x 52"
    • 12' x 24' x 52"
    • 15' x 24' x 52"
    • 15' x 27' x 52"
    • 15' x 30' x 52"
    • 17' x 32' x 52"

All the Aquasport 52 Oval Pools have aluminum buttresses and aluminum straps, to support the long straight sides of the pool.

Since there are so many configurations available, please contact us phone at 445-208-6954 or by email at for custom pricing and custom packages.