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Best Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose

Best Pool Vacuum Hose Blogs I-Helix

The best Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose is I-Helix Haviland Pool Hose.  It is the choice of professionals in our industry.  The company makes hose used by Stanley Steamer, Professional Car Washes and by the folks in Bering Sea Gold on the Discovery Channel.  

The hose is

    • Engineered for flexibility, strength, and optimal flow characteristics
    • Protected against UV and chemicals
    • Swivel cuff prevents twisting, kinking or tangling
    • White/Black color scheme
    • Dual profile construction with tough outer shell makes this hose perfect for any job and environment
    • Flexible web allows easy movement around the pool
    • Five Year Warranty 


    • Swivel Cuff attaches easy to Vacuum Head
    • Straight connection attaches easily to skimmer vac attachment
    • Flexibility prevents twisting, kinking or tangling
    • Do not leave out in the sun,  the UV rays will deteriorate the hose

We sell the I Helix Haviland Hose  -- Professional Model -- 5 Year Warranty with Swivel end and the less expensive Spiral Forge Loop -- 3 Year Warranty with Swivel end.  

Note that no matter what vacuum hose you use be sure to purchase one with a swivel cuff.  Some companies sell vacuum hoses without swivel cuffs to cut cost, but the aggravation is not worth the savings.

It's so good that the professionals use this hose on commercial pools.

Please note you can by hose from our store Haviland Pool Hose, or feel free to check prices on Amazon